Transparent Lives

"Although most Canadians are familiar with surveillance cameras and airport security, relatively few are aware of the extent to which the potential for surveillance is now embedded in virtually every aspect of our lives. We cannot walk down a city street, register for a class, pay with a credit card, hop on an airplane, or make a telephone call without data being captured and processed. Where does such information go? Who makes use of it, and for what purpose? Is the loss of control over our personal information merely the price we pay for using social media and other forms of electronic communication, or should we be wary of systems that make us visible—and thus vulnerable—to others as never before?
The work of a multidisciplinary research team, Transparent Lives explains why and how surveillance is expanding—mostly unchecked—into every facet of our lives. Through an investigation of the major ways in which both government and private sector organizations gather, monitor, analyze, and share information about ordinary citizens, the volume identifies nine key trends in the processing of personal data that together raise urgent questions of privacy and social justice. Intended not only to inform but to make a difference, the volume is deliberately aimed at a broad audience, including legislators and policymakers, journalists, civil liberties groups, educators, and, above all, the reading public."

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Contents 6
Preface 8
Acknowledgements 12
Introduction: How Canadian Lives Became Transparent to Watching Eyes 16
TREND 1 Expanding Surveillance: From the Atypical to the Routine 32
TREND 2 Securitization and Surveillance: From Privacy Rights to Security Risks 52
TREND 3 The Blurring of Sectors: From Public Versus Private to Public with Private 68
TREND 4 The Growing Ambiguity of Personal Information: From Personally Identified to Personally Identifiable 84
TREND 5 Expanding Mobile and Location-Based Surveillance: From Who You Are to Where You Are 100
TREND 6 Globalizing Surveillance: From the Domestic to the Worldwide 118
TREND 7 Embedding Surveillance in Everyday Environments: From the Surveillance of People to the Surveillance of Things 142
TREND 8 Going Biometric: From Surveillance of the Body to Surveillance in the Body 164
TREND 9 Watching by the People: From Them to Us 180
Conclusion: What Can Be Done? 196
APPENDIX 1: Surveillance and Privacy Law: FAQS 210
APPENDIX 2: Surveillance Movies 218
APPENDIX 3: How to Protect Your Privacy Online: FAQS 220
APPENDIX 4: Canadian NGOS Concerned with Surveillance, Privacy, and Civil Liberties 228
APPENDIX 5: Further Reading 234
List of Contributors 240
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