Chilling Tales

Canada’s maestro of the macabre, Michael Kelly, brings you CHILLING TALES: In Words, Alas, Drown I, an all new collection of nightmares that will perturb and torment you. Tales that will leave a frisson of fear and raise a quiver of gooseflesh. A chill is in the air.

This tome includes selections by iconic Canadian dark fantasy and horror writers Camille Alexa, Colleen Anderson, Kevin Cockle, Gemma Files, Lisa L. Hannett, Sandra Kasturi, Derek Künsken, Claude Lalumière, Daniel LeMoal, Catherine MacLeod, Helen Marshall, Michael Matheson, David Nickle, Ian Rogers, Douglas Smith, Simon Strantzas, Edo van Belkom, Halli Villegas, Bev Vincent, Robert J. Wiersema, and Rio Youers, with an introduction by Michael Kelly.

Table of Contents:

In Libitina’s House by Camille Alexa
Gingerbread People by Colleen Anderson
Meteor Lake by Kevin Cockle
Homebody by Gemma Files
Snowglobes by Lisa L. Hannett
The Hair Dress by Sandra Kasturi
The Dog’s Paw by Derek Künsken
The Flowers of Katrina by Claude Lalumière
Goldmine by Daniel LeMoal
The Salamander’s Waltz by Catherine MacLeod
The Slipway Grey by Helen Marshall
Weary, Bone Deep by Michael Matheson
Black Hen A La Ford by David Nickle
Day Pass by Ian Rogers
Fiddleheads by Douglas Smith
Dwelling on the Past by Simon Strantzas
Heart of Darkness by Edo van Belkom
Fishfly Season by Halli Villegas
Road Rage by Bev Vincent
Crossroads Blues by Robert J. Wiersema
Honesty by Rio Youers