Clan of the Dung-Sniffers

“Wounds of the body heal swiftly in comparison
to those of the mind.”

In the center of the Marble Tower, in the center of the City, there hangs the Radiance, a mystical object of prayer and devotion.

When the Radiance suddenly vanishes, eight young men: a nobleman’s son and his servant; a Bedouin mystic; a cobbler and his cousin; a City guard; a cross-dresser; and Glane, the boy who wants to fly, are suspected of its theft.

Yes, they took it ... but only because it needed repair! And, since they broke it, they must repair it.

But the situation is not as simple as that — and there are many, many reasons why the perpetrators are WANTED!

To elude capture, this octet of unlikely conspirators forms a secret clan, the Clan of the Dung-Sniffers, and vows to repair and replace the Radiance before the authorities can catch them.

But their plans are derailed by bees and feathers and blackmail ... and they are sent headlong into a brewing rebellion that might potentially dissolve their first great achievement — friendship.

In a beehive of mistaken interpretations and murderous intrigue, and while under the constant threat of termination, the Clan of the Dung-Sniffers must strive to overcome their prejudices and personal fears while attempting to piece together the fractured Radiance, and the shattered fragments of their lives.