J.B. Harkin

Many of Canada’s superb national parks owe their existence to James Bernard Harkin (1875–1955), the first commissioner of Canada’s new Dominion Parks Branch in 1911. Ted Hart follows Harkin’s career from his apprenticeship in the Department of the Interior to his retirement in 1936, and presents Harkin as a major force in early Canadian parks and wildlife conservation. He supported Canadian wildlife conservation at its inception, created the world’s first park service, and developed major park policies. Conservationists, serious history enthusiasts, and those with an interest in Canada’s national parks will enjoy this biography of a multifaceted and significant individual.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction 10
1 Secretary Harkin 26
2 A New Public Trust 54
3 Dividends in Gold and Dividends Human Units 82
4 Conservation Work 110
5 Nevertheless Substantial Progress Was Made 142
6 More and Still More Sanctuaries 174
7 One-Man Rule 204
8 The Business of Selling Scenery 234
9 Hands Off Our National Parks 266
10 An Embarrassment of Riches 296
11 The Fine Italian Hand 328
12 A Park in Every Province 358
13 A Great Achievement for Us 388
14 The Prime Minister Telephoned 416
15 A Tremendous Magnet 444
16 War Is Waged...to a Reasonable Extent 472
17 Passing the Torch 504
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