Reading Alice Munro, 1973-2013

In Reading Alice Munro, 1973-2013, the world's leading Munro scholar offers a critical overview of Alice Munro and her writing spanning forty years. Beginning with a newly written overarching introduction, featuring directive interleaved commentaries addressing chronology and contexts, ending with encompassing afterword, this collection provides a selection of essays and reviews that reflect their times and tell the story of Munro's emergence and recognition as an internationally acclaimed writer since the 1970s. Acknowledging her beginnings and her persistence as a writer of increasingly exceptional short stories, and just short stories, it treats her career through Thacker's criticism up to her fourteenth collection, Dear Life (2012), and to the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. Altogether, this book encompasses the whole trajectory of Munro's critical presence while offering a singularly informed retrospective perspective.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Half title page 2
Full title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Contents 8
Acknowledgments 10
Introduction: Alice Munro’s “Approach and Recognition” 12
PART 1: Narrative Techniques, Forms, and Critical Issues: Establishing a Presence 32
Connection: Alice Munro and Ontario (1984) 56
Critical Interlude: Conferring Munro (1987) 76
Munro’s Progress (1987) 84
“So Shocking a Verdict in Real Life”: Autobiography in Alice Munro’s Stories (1988) 90
Critical Interlude: Go Ask Alice: The Progress of Munro Criticism (1991) 100
PART 2: What the Archives Reveal:Reading a Deepening Aesthetic 122
Alice Munro’s Willa Cather (1992) 126
Alice Munro and the Anxiety of American Influence (1994) 144
Alice Munro, Writing “Home”:“Seeing This Trickle in Time” (1998) 156
Critical Interlude: What’s “Material”: The Progress of Munro Criticism, Part 2 (1998) 178
Mapping Munro: Reading the “Clues” (1999) 200
PART THREE: Understanding the Oeuvre 208
Alice Munro’s Ontario (2007) 212
A “Booming Tender Sadness”:Alice Munro’s Irish (2008) 228
No Problem Here: A Review ofToo Much Happiness (2009) 238
“The Way the Skin of the Moment Can Break Open”: Reading Alice Munro’s “White Dump” (2010) 242
Critical Interlude: Alice Munro: Critical Reception (2013) 254
Afterword: “A Wonderful Stroke of Good Fortune for Me”: Reading Alice Munro, 1973–2013 272
Notes 282
Works Cited 296
Index 312
Back Cover 322