My Name is Lola

My Name Is Lola, contains the collected memories of Lola Rozsa - of her life and service to her family, her church, and her community as she and her husband, Ted, made their way from the tiny towns of the Depression-era, dust bowl southern plains to the burgeoning oil fields of Alberta in 1949. As Ted struggled to build his first seismic company, Lola raised their children in Calgary, an environment far different from the home in Texas she desperately missed. However, the values taught her by her preacher father stood her in good stead as she immersed herself in service for her new community. For the next sixty years, as Ted prospered, they made Calgary their home and, along with other industry pioneers, helped to build many of the enduring cultural institutions in Calgary.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Series Page 6
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Table of Contents 9
Preface 11
1: The Fabric of Our Lives 13
2: Building a Gospel of Works 19
3: Growing Up in Texas 31
4: If It Rains 39
5: Hello, Charlie! 49
6: Hello, Ted! Goodbye, Charlie 55
7: And So We Begin 69
8: On the Road Again 77
9: On the Home Front 87
10: It’ll Just Be a Year 97
11: Acclimating to Calgary 111
12: The New Frontier 123
13: Two Cars in Every Garage 135
14: And Now We Are Five 145
15: Home Again, Home Again 155
16: Shifting Gears 175
17: Give Me a Song and a Stage 187
18: Call Me ‘Mammaw’ 197
19: Giving Back 209
20: Bricks and Mortar 233
21: The Rozsa Foundation 245
22: “Somethin’ Might BeGainin’ on Ya.” 265
23: Hail and Farewell 275
24: Keepin’ On 283
25: What’s It All About? 295
Acknowledgments 315
Index 319
Back Cover Flap 339