Developing Alberta's Oil Sands

Alberta's oil sands represent a vast and untapped oil reserve that could reasonably supply all of Canada's energy needs for the next 475 years. With an estimated 300 billion barrels of recoverable oil at stake, the quest to develop this natural resource has been undertaken by many powerful actors, both nationally and internationally. Using research that integrates the economic, political, scientific, and business factors that have been influential in discovering and developing the sands, this book provides a comprehensive history of the oil sands project and a window on the nature of the complex relationships between industry, government, and transnational players. This book is the first comprehensive volume to examine the origins and development of the oil sands industry over the last century.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Developing Alberta's Oil Sands 1
Contents 6
List of Tables 7
List of Abbreviations 7
List of Maps 7
Acknowledgments 10
Introduction 14
PART 1: 1920–45 20
1. Early History of the Oil Sands in Alberta 20
2. Abasand and the Federal-Provincial Conflict 44
3. Picking Up the Pieces: Reclaiming a Provincial Resource 74
4. From Scientific Project to Commercial Endeavour 98
PART 2: SINCE 1945 98
5. "Within Reach" and "Beyond Reach" Markets: The Reluctant Expansion of the Oil Sands, 1960–69 122
6. Flexibility and Paralysis: The Oil Shocks, Government Policy and Intervention, 1970–77 152
7. Lost Decade: The National Energy Program and the Collapse of World Oil Prices 186
8. Competition's "Cold Shower": Remaking the Oil Sands Industry in the Era of Globalization and Free Trade, 1984–2000 216
9. Green Patch? Oil Sands Development in Post-Kyoto Canada 250
Afterword 262
Bibliography 266
Notes 286
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