Building/Art discusses changing ideas about the nature and function of the city as an essential cultural network, one that each of its inhabitants participates in, whether consciously or unconsciously. The city acts as a backdrop to everyday life and influences the ways in which individuals interact with a greater cultural community. How would life be different for us as individuals if we lived in a different kind of city? What interventions can be made at an architectural level to make our city a more engaging place to live?

In this theoretical discussion and visual display of urbanism, vital connections are made between modernism as an international movement and its manifestations in Canadian architecture. With contributions from experts in diverse fields of inquiry, Building/Art offers a discussion of the dynamic relationship between form and culture in word and picture.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Building/Art 1
Contents 6
1 Preface 8
2 Literary Essays 14
3 Photographic Essay 16
4 Architectural Essays 17
5 Building/Art 25
6 A Reflection on the State of the Theory of Urbanism in North America 41
7 Urbanisms 61
8 Form/Politics: a Manifesto for a New Public Space 78
9 The System: Luminous Veil 93
10 Undisclosed: Architecture in the new Public Landscape 114
11 Calgary's Generations 135
12 Contributor Biographies 160
13 A Note on the Graphic Design Strategy 173
14 Bibliography 174
15 Image Credits 175