Diversity, Culture and Counselling


Diversity, Culture and Counselling

Canada is one of the most diverse nations in the world. As counsellors increasingly deal with people from many different cultures and backgrounds, there is a need to shift from Eurocentric counselling theories and methods towards an approach that recognizes diversity and new world perspectives.

Bringing a fresh Canadian outlook to the field of multicultural counselling, this collection provides valuable information about many cultural groups in Canada with practical perspectives on subjects such as treating Muslim clients, the specific needs of Indo-Canadians, the role of traditional healing methods in Aboriginal cultures, and helping immigrant children cope with acculturation in the school system. Fully revised and updated, the second edition of Diversity, Culture and Counselling also includes brand-new topics on dealing with refugee trauma, working with people with disabilities, practicing yoga therapy, and harnessing the power of storytelling.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Diversity, Culture and Counselling 1
Copyright 2
Table of contents 4
Preface 7
Part I Issues in Diversity, Culture and Counselling 9
1 Counselling across cultures 11
2 Exploring world view 32
3 Developing multicultural counselling skills 50
Part II Counselling Procedures 61
4 Counselling in the Indigenous community 63
5 Counselling issues within the Asian community 90
6 Where are you really from? Counselling in the Asian Canadian community 101
7 Counselling in the Indo Canadian community 112
8 Acculturation and adaptation 137
9 Considerations for counsellors regarding refugee trauma locally and abroad 155
10 The “hardest burden”? Helping and working with people with disabilities 169
11 Counselling in the Latino Community 181
12 Counselling black Canadians 200
13 Islamic identity 214
14 My multiracial identity 229
15 Upon arrival 241
16 The counselling profession and the GLBTQI community 260
17 Counselling Euro Canadians 273
Part III Application and Practical Approaches 288
18 The red road 290
19 Yoga therapy 308
20 Transpersonal counselling 335
21 Sufism and healing 359
22 Creating compassion and selflessness through Naikan 372
23 Reconnecting with nature 380
24 Culturally friendly? A cognitive behavioural approach to multicultural counselling 392
25 Pre-contact education and the role of storytelling 408
26 Toward an integrated perspective 414