Supernatural Christmas Ghost Stories

Bestselling author and ghost researcher Barbara Smith delves into the heartwarming and sometimes sinister stories of the festive season, a time when people may encounter the specters of those who have passed to the other side:
• A mysterious Christmas quilt unearthed from a box of castoffs has an odd effect on anyone who sleeps beneath it
• A young woman stranded with her baby in a snowbound cabin receives a visit from a kindly spirit who brings food, firewood and money
• On the day before Christmas Eve in 1998, security cameras in Leicester’s Belgrave Hall capture the image of an elegant woman in Victorian dress; the Grey Lady is only one of several ghosts inhabiting this stately home
• A young man working in a toy store has a frightening encounter with a haunted doll that makes him decide to change careers
• On Christmas Eve 1944, soldiers taking shelter in an old farm house receive a supernatural warning that saves their lives
• Two sailors take refuge in an abandoned house in London’s affluent Berkeley Square on Christmas Eve; by the next morning, one has committed suicide and the other has been driven mad by the house’s ghostly inhabitants
• A young man disembarks a train in April 1998 and is taken to a sumptuous hotel where it’s Christmas 1946; he narrowly escapes death and awakes to find himself in the ruins of the burned-out building.